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Moroccan Boucherouite Rugs

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Moroccan Boucherouite rugs

Boucherouite rugs are hand-made rugs. It is made up of waste materials or recycled materials. So these rugs are made so special to use. It is a colorful rug. Women will use different colors of recycled materials to weave the rugs. It doesn’t have any patterns or any particular models. Only the innovative colors were used here to weave the rugs. People will get attracted to the colors. The rugs are made from the remaining or recycle materials of cotton, wool, nylon, or plastic bags. The main thing is plastics also recycled here, which is used as the thread to stitch the rugs. The recycled materials are finely weaved and used here. Those who have a colorful mind and a broad way of thinking will choose the boucherouite rugs for use. These rugs will be low in cost because here we are using only the recycled materials. It saves nature too. Because of recycling things, nature can be saved from pollutions. It has many benefits too. The women will explore their creative level of thinking here. It is not so easy to weave the rugs without any patterns or themes. Women will first choose contrast colors and make them into a form and finally make a rug. They won’t assemble the things earlier, at the spot from their own way of thinking they will weave the rugs. Like other rugs, here also we can’t find the same kinds of rug patterns. The creative level of thinking will change each and every time. It is difficult to copy our own design and doing it for other rugs is an impossible thing. So only the Moroccan rugs are always considered special and unique. For this uniqueness only, people are eagerly willing to buy these rugs. No one will like to have other people’s models of rugs in their home, so everyone will love to choose a different and peculiar model for their home. So we can go to these kinds of rugs.
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